4Sight Technologies

Hall: 3 Stand: 4Sight Pavilion - CZ01

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (known as Industry 4.0 or 4IR) has emerged as the latest phase of technological and industrial advancement in modern human history. In a period of just over 200 years, the world has evolved from steam powered machinery to a world of interconnected systems consisting of billions of connected devices. The Industry 4.0 economy is here. Industry 4.0 is driving transformation that makes it possible for organizations to evolve their businesses by identifying, understanding and then using previously untapped data. Data is the modern eras new currency and now one of the world's most sort after resources. The 4Sight ecosystem where subsidiaries, partners, and alliances build, run and grow their Industry 4.0 offerings is unique offering that translate into tangible value that is created for customers embarking on their digital transformation journey. For the first time in SECUREX history come and gain insight to Industry 4.0 This includes (but is not limited to) Autonomous and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions with Machine Learning, Big Data, Cloud and Business Intelligence solutions, Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions. What remains a cornerstone of the 4Sight approach is to first visualize the business problem, then digitize the relevant processes, analyze the data and lastly optimize by applying the relevant technology to enable and sustain the improvement. This approach enables them to accelerate their customers from hindsight to insight and ultimately "4Sight". Our goal is to progress organisations past insight and into the realm of "4Sight". That is, the ability to understand the insights created by data and new technologies to make meaningful business decisions.

Exhibtor Categories

  • Cybersecurity
  • IME's (Integrity Monitoring Enablers)
  • Information Security
  • Integrated Systems/Building Management
  • Power Management
  • Training
  • Workforce Management


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