30 May - 01 June 2017

Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa

Tues - Thurs : 9h00 - 16h00

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A seminar designed to meet insurer needs. Hosted annually by the FPASA, free to all attendees.

To secure your spot, please email [email protected] and [email protected] This seminar is free! Lunch, Tea & Refreshments will be served on the day of the event. Be assured that you will be treated like royalty. The programme is highly educational and will definitely add value to your daily work activities.

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Genesis K9 Group(GK9) is a PSIRA registered security provider specialising in providing dog handlers, guards and the leasing of trained dogs as well as the training of dog handlers, and especially the training of security dogs. GK9 is also a SASSETA accredited training provider specialising in training dogs and handlers. Our clients include SASSOL, SAPS, SARS and various security companies. At this year’s SECUREX show we will be hosting a display stand with information on all the different dogs we train and can provide. This includes but is not limited to: Detection Dogs (Narcotics, Explosives and other substances) Tracking dogs, Patrol dogs and multi-purpose dogs. We will also provide information on training of security guards as dog handlers and all the relevant legislation surrounding dog handlers and the application of dogs and dog teams.

Not only are we going to provide the above-mentioned information, but we will also be demonstrating the practical application of these dogs by means of a live display throughout the duration of the show. This promises to be both entertaining and educational.


Check out our exciting line-up of speakers and interesting topics to be found at the Hi-tech Security Solutions Seminar Theatre, located in Hall 3

30 May 2017Tuesday

9h30 SAIDSA Installer Workshop - PSiRA legislation and regulations – the way forward View Decription
10h15 5 top security trends to watch out for in 2017 View Decription
11h15 A coherent security mix: achieving the right recipe View Decription
12h15 The importance of multimodal biometrics: leading the way forward View Decription
13h15 The age of artificial intelligence. Will your next computer be able to think like you? View Decription
14h15 Video surveillance & analytics: The move towards AL (Artificial Intelligence) View Decription
15h00 Going mobile: Security apps keeping industry safer View Decription

31 May 2017Wednesday

9h30 The domino effect of fees must fall: regulatory implications for the SA security sector View Decription
10h00 Understanding recent crime trends in SA – what you need to know as a security / risk manager and installer in SA View Decription
10h30 Transformation within the private security industry View Decription
11h15 Opportunities in the Southern African security market View Decription
12h15 Reaching a new level of smart: mitigating risks for property, people and business through BMS (Building Management Systems) View Decription
13h15 Making waves: 2017 disruptive security technology trends and integration mechanisms View Decription
14h15 CYBER CRIME SESSION - The Cybercrimes Bill: Government insights & Cyber Crime - It will never happen to me... View Decription
15h00 Professionalism through improved training standards View Decription

1 June 2017 Thursday

9h30 SAIDSA Installer workshop - Electronic Security Training View Decription
10h15 Industry best practice: effective procurement of security services? View Decription
11h15 Game of Drones: The future of flying security guards View Decription
12h15 The devices have landed - IoT trends revolutionising organisations View Decription
13h15 Lean & mean - bullet proof strategies to become a preferred security supplier View Decription
14h15 Security threats, frameworks & mitigation efforts: Essentials to reducing risk? View Decription

*Programme subject to change. The organisers reserve the right to change the programme.